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The University of Maryland is investigating two aspects of the recruitment of Lance Stephenson.  First, the school will decide whether former Terrapin standout Byron Mouton had improper contact with Stephenson.  Second, it will determine it will look into the relationship between Stephenson and Under Armour.

The NCAA clarified that the reports that six Vitamin Water flavors contained banned or impermissible amounts of substances were false.  However, a NCAA spokesman told CNBC’s Darren Rovell that enough consumption of certain flavors could result in a student-athlete failing a drug test.

Mark Richt will not be allowed to attend one of his signee’s graduation due to an NCAA rule.  Richt had made a deal with Chris Burnette, who declined to enroll early because of the possibility of becoming valedictorian, that Richt would attend the ceremony if Burnette earned the honor.

Kelvin Sampson told The Sporting News that the NCAA treated him harshly and unfairly in the investigation of violations while he was the head coach at Indiana.  Sampson received a five year show-cause order and is now an assistant coach with the Milwaukee Bucks.  The NCAA has issued a supplemental report in the investigation of Indiana’s men’s basketball program.

The NCAA is looking into Southern California’s Daniel Hackett.  Hackett receives a full, non-basketball scholarship because his father is a university employee, so USC essentially can have fourteen scholarship-caliber players instead of the thirteen allowed under NCAA rules.

Arkansas basketball coach John Pelphrey dismissed Marcus Monk from the team due to an undisclosed eligibility issue.  Monk was a standout wide receiver for Arkansas’ football team but was injured during his senior year. He attempted to make an NFL roster, but joined the basketball team after being cut.

The NCAA has outlined the plans for the upcoming collection of Division I head coaches’ Academic Progress Rate portfolio.

*I’m still trying to catch up with the news missed during my time away from the website, so some of these articles will be a few weeks old.


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